Sugar Loaf Mountain

Have you been to the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain, yet? On the way back from the North Ridge, I walked all the way up to the top, which has a nice flat park.

The view is spectacular. You can see all of Nevada City and down into the Rood Center. I could also glimpse snow-covered peaks off to the north, though I can't say what they were. Sadly, landscape photography is not my strength, especially with an iPhone.

So you'll have to trust me that it's worth the walk. I wasn't terribly sure where it was when I started because so many trails around here seem to start in someone's back yard. There was a sign on the gate near Coyote, though, and then this sign about halfway along the path:

The driveway where it starts is almost at the intersection with North Bloomfield Road and across the street from a stone with a plaque telling about the Emigrant Trail. (This one hasn't been stolen, yet.) It's fun to see the little spiral on my walk-tracking-map that RunKeeper made for me.

And I like the satellite view, too.

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