Seattle Gas Works

I think I mentioned before that I like abandoned structures. Seattle has gone and turned some into a park. A couple pics after the jump.

Advice Sought on Seeking Fixers

I hate not knowing terminology. I have this wooden wall holding up a bit of ground near the side of my house.

Is this called a retaining wall?

I'm thinking that these bits bowing out are not a GOOD THING. What sort of craftsperson do I call to estimate fixing this? Is it a general contractor or a landscape person? Do you have any recommendations for Nevada County locals?

The comments section is open.

Profiles in Courage (John F Kennedy)

This is a book about the most admirable of human virtues - courage.

If you were going to guess the first line based on the title alone, you could probably come pretty close to this one.

Enchilada Casserole

This was delicious. I stole the base recipe from RL Crabb's site, added a few things and turned it into a casserole.

Full picture parade after the jump.

The Order of Odd-Fish (James Kennedy)

The desert was empty, as though a great drain had sucked the world underground.

This one was a long, strange ride.