A Squirrel in Chesapeake, VA

The world is growing small. I've been to Chesapeake before. I'm pretty sure I stayed in the same hotel many years ago. Am I running out of places I've not worked? Perhaps I'm just growing weary.

Still, this is the first Wee Toaty Explorer to visit Virginia.

All I can really say about this one is: squirrels like nuts.

2 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

Highway said...

Hey Abbot!
I missed seeing the Explorers! Tell me, is that a blind squirrel?

AbbotOfUnreason said...

I was going for small, beady eyes. I should have made them smaller, I suppose.

The explorers come out when I'm traveling, and my travel schedule has been light this year. It's likely to get lighter. I'll try and make up for it with personal trips, but I'm not going to be doing work trips nearly as much as I used to.

Probably. The world is a dynamic, ever-changing place.