Stuck in San Jose

I almost feel as if Tom Bodett has let me down somehow. I went down to San Jose, but planning was so late that my hotel choices were a) a $400 hotel, b) a Hampton Inn 22 miles away, or c) a Motel 6.

Now, the customer was paying, but I definitely didn't want to do that drive every day and the difference between $400 and $65 was hard for me to justify. Would the other hotel have been six times better than the Motel 6?

Yes. It would have. The Motel 6 shower head came out at my chin, the room was dirty, and there was no shampoo. But at least the police visited the parking lot every hour or so.

Sometimes, you just feel stuck.

2 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

Highway said...

Haha! Good one, Abbot!

lacochran's evil twin said...

Reminds me of a trip to Arizona. It was late and the price was right but the bullet proof glass in 'reception' should have been an indicator. That, plus, the deadbolt, the chain lock, the bar lock AND the sign on the door advising against opening to strangers. Yeah, that was was a very restful night.