Another Attempt at Lake Baltimore

You might remember that I tried to get to Lake Baltimore last November and got stuck in the snow.

It was near 80°F yesterday in Nevada City, so I thought it would be a good time to try again.

I was wrong. It's all very well to have a four-wheel-drive vehicle, but it doesn't do you much good without clearance. I jammed the car up there so good that one of the tires wasn't even touching the ground. I spent an hour or so trying to dig out with a stick.

Digging with a stick is kinda useless, too. Then I had a bright idea. If the problem was that the snow was too high in the middle...

Yes, I know this was a stupid idea and I could have gotten hurt. But I spent another two hours jacking the car up and putting big stones under the tires.

It was not enough. So, after three hours of trying to do this on my own, I had to throw in the towel. The mosquitoes were bad. That was frustrating! I'm stuck having to dig through the snow with my bare hands, you'd think I wouldn't have to also battle mosquitoes.

This road is Lake Meadows Road. It's a gravel road in the middle of the Tahoe National Forest in Sierra County. There is no mobile reception. So my next bright idea was to walk back to the paved road and then toward State Route 89. I wouldn't be able to walk the 13 miles to 89, but I would surely come upon some cell coverage?

Nope. I learned later that there isn't cell coverage until almost all the way back to Truckee. But luckily, about three miles down the road, I came upon a house (the Tahoe National Forest is interesting, because it isn't one continuous forest; it's a checkerboard of one mile squares alternating public & private lands). They didn't have a phone, but they were willing to get their Jeep out and winch my car off the snow bank, which was very kind. Thanks Track Man and Mike!

You'd think I didn't grow up in the mountains and know better.

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