Dang Feminists

I was grumpy when I made this little guy.

So, I guess I felt it necessary to make him suffer.

I went west for the holiday weekend and it was lovely. I spent a day kayaking on Lake Mendocino, where my Army Corps of Engineers annual pass saved me a whopping $3. (Lake Englebright is a Corps lake, and the $30 pass is well worth it.)

On the second day, I wandered up and down the coast, enjoying different beaches and parks. I've now been on every single mile of California 20.

The beach access in Mendocino County from Fort Bragg and south is great. And everywhere I stopped was free. But then I crossed into Sonoma County and they wanted $7, which seemed like a lot since there was only an hour or two left before the park closed at sunset.

But it really didn't matter. Who can stay mad with the beautiful sound of the crashing Pacific waves?

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