Another Try at Baltimore Lake

This is about a very pretty part of Nevada County that you have to go to Sierra County to get to.

Last weekend, I tried to hike to Baltimore Lake. It was my third attempt; the first two ended in getting my car stuck in the snow. Last weekend, I did not get caught in the snow.

Instead, I got lost.

I didn't get irrevocably lost, you understand. I didn't find myself wandering in the wilderness unsure of how to get back to civilization. Sure, there was no cell coverage, but I knew how to get back to my car. I just mean that I took a left turn on the path and, although I had a nice hike, I didn't get to see Baltimore Lake.

If you're looking for Baltimore Lake after parking near Meadow Lake, this is the place where you want to turn right on your walk:

Oh, that's clear, isn't it?

This weekend, I gave it another try. It's a long drive to Meadow Lake. Much of the road is fairly rocky, but passable even by a passenger car.

There were some pretty flowers up in the hills.

There are a bunch of gravel roads criss-crossing on the southwestern side of Meadow Lake. I think Meadow Lake is fascinating. It's up in the middle of the Tahoe National Forest. There's nothing really left except for the dam, but for a few years in the 19th century, it was a town of 4000. That's more residents than Nevada City has right now. You can stand in a meadow and look at the lake and have no idea that there were once so many people living right there.

But I was going to Baltimore Lake.

This time, I took the Albequerque turn and slowly walked down a mountain. There was a big hole in the ground off the right side of the trail. It was dusted with yellow and slightly smelled of sulfur. It wasn't wet, but the powder didn't seem all that old. I wondered if it was a mine or a geyser.

It's possible that the yellowish dust made me imagine I was smelling sulfur. I've not got the best olfactory sense on the planet.

This area of the county is full of beautiful lakes. On the trail, you get a great view of French Lake:

That's not Baltimore Lake. Baltimore Lake is much smaller and shaped a little like a kidney bean. It's also surrounded by trees, so you don't get a good view of it from above like that. What you see first is this:

It's a lovely little lake. I walked around the lake and sat on that rock for a snack. Here are a couple of shots of the view from that rock:

That's the hill I walked down. I went on Saturday because I was worried about the rain supposedly coming on Sunday. Little fluffy clouds:

I liked the little lake. Hooray for Baltimore. You might be wondering: Did I wear proper headgear for this hike?

Of course I did.

Runkeeper did make a nice GPS map of my walk, in case you want to try this out. You can see that I took a little hike down the wrong road at first this time, too, in spite of having done the first part of the walk just a week ago. Also, I startled a bear on the way back to my car, so be careful. He ran off into the woods.

4 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

Highway said...

Hey Abbot!
That was a fascinating bit of history, accompanied by great pictures! Thanks for sharing them!

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Thanks! I think my next adventure is going to be the Great CA 20 Transept. I want to go from one end to the other, stopping every 20 miles to take a picture.

lacochran's evil twin said...

Gorgeous! But I never saw anything like that in Baltimore.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

True enough. And none of the three Oaklands in Maryland look like the one over here.

To be fair to Baltimore, there are some nice green spaces up north. I seem to remember Druid Park being pretty.