The Litigators (John Grisham)

The law firm of Finley & Figg referred to itself as a "boutique firm."

It's not a terribly deep read, but there's a lot of humor and stuff certainly happens. It makes me think there are more parallels between software development and lawyering than we'd like to admit.

Tea From An Empty Cup (Pat Cadigan)

'Now why would anyone become a prostitute?' the white guy asked, sipping his iced coffee through a long, skinny straw.

This is a cyberpunk book for beginners. I say that because we're immersed in the world of virtual reality with folks who are also not terribly familiar with the world. n00bs

Agile Business

No fiction sales this year, yet, but I am appearing in print. I have an essay in this software development book. I talk about diet soda or continuous integration or something.

I made an Amazon link thing:

Jackson Meadow Lake

I kayaked on another Tahoe National Forest lake today. Here are a few pictures. If you make it to the bottom, you'll see a few from a walk afterward -- the spray is amazing and you can walk right up to it.

From the water, you can see the jaggedy Sierra Buttes.

In the other direction (and after I smeared sunscreen on my lens), you can see Nevada County. The lake itself is in Sierra County, but the western and southern shoreline are Nevada County. I launched from there, so I'm going to mark this one as local.

The lake level must change a lot. I sat on these rocks off Jackson Point to have a snack of M&Ms and coconut Ice. This bolt is attached to a buoy that just sort of dangled off the rock. I assume when the water rises, it warns of these rocks being close to the surface.

Walk down a gravel road from the vista point on the side of the paved road at the dam, and you get to see the outlet. You can get close enough to be sprayed by the water if the wind is right.


Unlike Meadow Lake, Jackson Meadows Lake is easily accessible. The road is paved all the way to the dam (it's 15 miles from CA 89) and only another mile to a camp store and the boat ramp along a gravel road without the horrible rocks you sometimes see out here. And you don't even have to do that part just to get in the water; there's another boat ramp on the northeast side, before you get to the dam.

Rules of Civility (Amor Towles)

On the night of October 4th, 1966, Val and I, both in late middle age, attended the opening of Many Are Called at the Museum of Modern Art—the first exhibit of the portraits taken by Walker Evans in the late 1930s on the New York City subways with a hidden camera.

Have Mercy On Us All (Fred Vargas)

When manie woormes breede of putrefaction of the earth: toade stooes and rotten herbes abound: The Fruites and beastes of the earth are unsavoury: The wine becomes muddie: manie birds and beastes flye from that place.

LibraryThing lists this as the epigraph, but it's under the chapter heading I and the words they list are at the beginning of chapter II.