Wee Toaty Roundup

Wow, I forgot to do the annual roundup. I'll not do a full repeat like last time. If you want to see all the recent Wee Toaty Explorers, just click on the sailing beans in the upper right corner of this post. You could also follow this link here.

I changed positions this year, so I had expected to travel less. In fact, I haven't been home for seven days straight since May. But most of those weeks have been in Cupertino. I find it hard to drop too many Wee Toaty Explorers when I'm staying in the same hotel week after week. But while in Cupertino, of course, I did have to note a little religious gathering:

There were a lot of apples, but my favorite ones joined a famous choir in Salt Lake City:

So, we had 15 installations this year. That exactly matches last year. After four years, we have now made 82 visits. For the first time, we didn't visit a new country, but we did three new US States and a new Canadian Province. I predict that this fifth year will significantly decrease in output, simply because I will not be traveling so much. For real this time.

My favorite of the year? It has to be the singing Batman under the bat bridge in Austin:

Did you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments.

Tomorrow, I'm running over to a lake in Colorado to meet the most meta Wee Toaty Explorer yet.

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