What Makes it Real?

Well, the "For Sale" sign is up and the house is mostly empty. Now it's up to the market to push me to make a decision. Where shall I live next?

I'm used to moving around. I've not ever lived in the same home for more than five years, and I've already been feeling the highway calling for months. Leaving is easy, though, but going is hard. In the past, parents or school or work drove the decision-making for location, but I'm still in a position where my work doesn't care where I live. This might be the last time that's true, and I want to make this move count.

And if course that leaves me stuck in a kind of analysis paralysis. The perfect, they say, is the enemy of the good. And I've got a picture in my mind of perfect, but no idea what good looks like.

If I were to draw the perfect, it would be a run down place (I want to spend time making something better) perched on a cliff overlooking the sea. The wind is blowing rain into the windows (I miss the energy of storms) as I listen to the crash of the waves. The place is close enough to a major airport that I can visit customers and report in to HQ and although the house is not crowded in amongst a flock of brethren, a population center is not too far off (to provide a good cat sitter for Tubby). I'll need a safe place to walk (to keep to my mileage schedule) and access to a place to slip my kayak in should be reasonably close. I'll need access to the Internet, I suppose, and room for a guest.

Oh, and my budget is not unlimited, especially considering I'll need cash for fixing up. And for bail money, since I figure I'll have to become a PI, too.

I've started exploring the California coast, but nothing has grabbed me yet. If you have a favorite place, let me know in the comments.

4 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

Don Pelton said...

We've been exploring the California coast too. We thought this -- Grass Valley -- would be our last stop, but now we long for the ocean.

But it seems to be expensive almost everywhere along California's coast.

Don Pelton said...

Our favorite place is Pacific Grove/Monterey .. definitely expensive.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

This is why I move every 5 years. I'm sure to grow tired of the ocean, eventually, but I miss it now. I'd like to watch a little working port or marina.

I've been looking along the coast north of SF, in two weeks, I'm going to take a trip south, maybe as far as Santa Barbara.

I like Monterrey, but it might be bigger than I'm looking for. But everything north of SF was smaller than I was looking for or just gets out to 3 1/2 hours from an airport, which is a tad too far. I _almost_ liked Bodega Bay. Mendocino was really nice, but expensive.

Don Pelton said...

We have friends who keep inviting us to their vacation home in Morro Bay (we'll make it one of these days). They claim there is culture there, or nearby inland in San Luis Obispo (pop. about 45,000). It's supposed to be beautiful. I don't know how far it is from an airport.