11 December: I Know Where My Towel Is

( it's still Photographic Advent )

( Huh, I've started putting spaces around my English parentheses, just like I do in my other languages. You know, Perl, Javascript, Ruby. People don't like it there, either. )

Gosh, I'm almost caught up from all the fallout from my horrible Sunday (then also Monday) flights. More on that, eventually.

Here's a notice in my hotel room. Most hotel rooms have something like this nowadays.

I like to imagine the group of technical writers who must have huddled around the computer discussing this paragraph:

"Well, we can't very well say, 'Throw them on the floor.' We'll have people tossing things around all willy-nilly."

"Oh, aye, but 'Placing them on the floor,' it just seems a bit froofy."

"Fine, just 'Leave them on the floor then.'"

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