29 December: Keeping it Real

( almost done with a picture taken every day )

Those of us from the East Coast are often surprised at how folks out here tend to prefix their roads with "the". While we'll say "Route 1" to indicate the north-south US highway in the east, they'll say something like "the 101" for their north-south US highway. I wonder if it isn't a bit of the Spanish article coming into play through translation. After all, the 101 is also

Why are there bells all along here?

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Highway said...

Hey Abbot!
Happy holidays to you! I hope you are getting closer to being settled.

The "El Camino Real" is a historic State highway, that once connected all the Spanish missions from San Diego to San Francisco, allowing Spanish royalty to visit them. It is translated as "The King's Highway" because of that. The bells were erected to commemorate the historic highway.

Incidentally, my username, "Highway" -- aka "Highway 69" is taken from that same translation.... as my daily driver is a 1969 Chevy "El Camino"!

AbbotOfUnreason said...

I wonder did any Spanish royalty ever visit the New World?

Highway said...

It was probably too uncivilized for them. They probably were waiting for all the missionaries to convert the Native Americans to Catholicism first.