6 December: Howdy

Continuing to post a picture a day for December.

One of the important things for a person who wants to re-establish his diet _and_ is moving to a new town is to audition restaurants for Cheat Day. "Cheat Day" is the day of the week reserved for gluttony -- eat sensibly the rest of the week, and on Friday, eat whatever you want. After a bit of time sticking to that regimen, the amount you can pack away even on Cheat Day starts to diminish. I've been waaaaaay off the diet for six months and now that I have a stove, I can start to think about getting back on the horse. (Of course, upcoming travel will completely screw that up, so we're not really serious until after I finish eating the cookie dough on my birthday next month.)

In Nevada City, my Cheat Day haunt was the North Ridge on Nevada Street. It was about a mile walk, which also helped add to my weekly walking goal, and I liked the little personal pizzas (and lately, the Jersey salad -- how can you beat a salad with French fries on it?)

Cayucos doesn't have a lot of restaurants. So far, I'm really leaning toward the restaurant guarded by these fine gentlemen:

The great thing about this place is that there's dining on an open upper deck with a plexiglas screen between the tables and the ocean. I like sitting at the bench table and watching the waves. The food is standard pub fare, but the waitstaff is very nice.

(I think my new mobile phone's camera is nearly as good as my old beater SLR, for shots I don't want to zoom on. I forget to turn it landscape, though. Of course, that seems to fit well into the way I've formatted the middle column of my blog, so maybe it's OK.)

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