7 December: Rub a dub dub

...a picture a day...

Apparently, I'm missing a great snow storm back up in Nevada City. Keep warm, folks.

Down here, it's not so cold as all that, but it has been dropping into the 30s, and I didn't bring my winter clothes. In fact, I have a small subset of my clothing and so I have to visit places like this:

I'm not sure the last time I had to do laundry in public. And this place reminds me why it's worth it to buy a washer/dryer: there was a man with an electric guitar and amp plugged in wailing away in the corner. He wasn't any good, of course, but the thing is more that the place was so small. So the rest of us huddled in the farthest corner and fought over the wheelie-baskets.

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