EOY: Exercise

Looks like I didn't record my decision last year, but somewhere early I decided that I'd establish a goal of walking at least 10 miles every week of the year. I use Runkeeper, which is a nice app on my phone that keeps track of my movements when I ask it to. I like the little maps it makes automatically.

Sometime around March, I tried to impress a woman at a conference. "Check it out," I said. "I've been trying to exercise more and this app on my phone keeps track. I've been walking at least 10 miles every week." She reached over, patted my arm, and said, "Don't worry. Summer's coming. You'll do better."

That's when I realized that these metrics have to be for me or they weren't going to work.

So, did I succeed? It depends on how you define success. I drove about 30 miles today to go to a Target. I thought I'd be able to find a scale and weigh myself. But when I got there, all the scales were in boxes. (I wasn't going to actually buy one, you know. I'm homeless.) I went over to the nearby Walmart, where I couldn't find any scales at all. So, I don't know what I weigh, but I _feel_ like I'm heavier now than at the start of last year.

But I don't blame that on the walking. I blame it on living without a stove for three months.

So, out of my 52 week experiment, I failed to make 10 three times. In those weeks, I walked 5.2, 8.9, and 5.6 miles. Now, I think that's not too bad. After all, I'm not wearing this while I deliver a class or walk around the house, so I am indeed doing more intentional walking on top of normal movement. So, a better way of looking at it is: I succeeded 49 times.

The year in numbers then is:

Average miles per week: 16 Total miles: 836

Not terrible for an old guy, but the bad news is that while I had 23 bike rides in 2012, in 2013 I only rode 3 times. Part of that is because 2013 was a heavy travel year (though not a diverse one), but I think the walking did affect it. If I had time to do some movement, I opted to walk because I wanted to always make sure to hit my goals. So, this year, which will start officially when I finally have a home, I'm going to make up some sort of formula for weekly goals that include walking, bicycling and kayaking every week.

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