On The Road Again

In more ways than one.

Moved out of the vacation house into another seedy motel for the final week of homelessness. Or for what I hope is the final week of homelessness. When I checked in, the receptionist said, "When we said we take pets, we meant dogs." But they let me keep my cat anyway, which is good, because I've already lost my favorite plant. Hate to lose Tubby. I suppose cats can be smellier than dogs, but a cat won't keep the people in the next room up all night by barking, unlike some other animals I could name. (I'm looking at you Room 105.)

I took my first bike ride of the year today, and the first in six months, at least. I went up to Grass Valley in December specifically to get my bike, but it's been hard to ride from where I was staying before. It's easy from this motel. Gosh, it's soooooooo flat here! I only rode for a little bit because I don't have bike shorts down here, but I still got 8 miles in without thinking about it. I think this place is going to be healthier for me.

So, if I was able to do 10 miles of walking every week last year, I need a new goal for this year. I am leaning toward this: a progressive scale that increases every quarter, starting at 20 miles every week, with at least two different types of activities -- so I can't do the whole 20 with biking, I have to also either walk or kayak. That's my new goal. Let's see how it goes.

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