Travel Fun

Last week was rough. It's hard enough to turn a year older, but I had to spend the week out in Boulder interviewing folks. I've got three slots to fill and I'm sensitive to getting this right after the problems of the past year. I think the interviewing itself went well, but the travel bits were not all that great.

I like the airport at San Luis Obispo so far. The parking is easy and walkable to the terminal which has exactly one gate. Check in and swimming through TSA is quick and easy. There are no naked scanners and no need for a special lane for rich people. The drawback, though, is that it only has two airlines and a limited set of flights. The direct flights are to Phoenix, LA and SF. Which is good enough, if everything goes well, because that gets you on to wherever you might want to go.

Sadly, neither airline is Southwest, so I don't have a lot of confidence about things going well. It took me 13 hours to get to Denver, and the delays were not due to weather. The flight from SBP was delayed by 90 minutes because of a mechanical problem. This pushed me back four hours in Phoenix because I missed my connection. But then the Phoenix to Denver flight was further delayed.

The announcement overhead said, and this is really what they said, "The flight to Denver is delayed. This delay is due to your plane being late."

Amazing example of reasoning.

The flights back were uneventful, though, only about 4 hours all told. So that's not so bad.

One of the nights in the hotel was interrupted by a fire alarm about 3 in the morning. (Folks, it's cold in Boulder.) The place didn't burn down and eventually, we got to go to sleep. In the morning, there was this note under the door.

I particularly appreciate the extraordinarily gracious offer of free coffee. Couldn't have gotten that anywhere else, except, of course, in the room itself where there is already free coffee.

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