Watching When Worlds Collide

I think I've discovered the actual trigger for my choosing an engineering degree.

Sure, my dad and my grandfather and my uncle and my cousin are/were all engineers, so it might seem that was my destiny to begin with. I don't think I ever saw this movie, but as I'm watching it tonight, I remember reading the book. This is a really old book, from around '33 or so.

The movie just spouted the following line. The world is facing complete destruction, and an elite team has been assembled to design and construct a rocket to send a group of survivors into space. Everyone else on earth will perish. And then there's this line, delivered from one of the characters to a group of engineers:

First, I want to say, you men were selected because you are the top engineering students here.

It's an almost quaint thought: you get to survive because you were smart and worked hard to make the ship. You and I know that in our reality the ship would be created by hardworking engineers and technicians, but every single seat would be taken by a rich jerk.

So I guess it's just as well I never actually did any actual engineering.


UPDATE: Oh, I forgot about this song. I pretty much wore out the cassette of the album for this song when I was in high school:

4 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

rlcrabb said...

On a related note, the Viking calendar says today is Ragnarok, the end of the world.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Ironically, I have just started binge-viewing the Vikings tv show on Amazon and the episode I watched last described Ragnarok, but didn't mention the timing.

Highway said...

The thought of surviving the destruction of the planet by becoming an engineer is pretty good motivation. I wonder how the book affected enrollment at MIT.
Hi Bob! I still enjoy your blog, although I am not posting there.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Oh, me, too. I read RLCrabb's blog and don't comment. The math problem is usually too hard.