Watching Wayne's World

Party on. I don't remember if I ever actually watched this movie when it came out. It was 1992 and that is one of those years that is just a blur. I got married in October of 92 to a woman I met in November of 91. Everything went so quickly. So I probably wasn't much aware for the entire year that there were other people on the planet besides us. In all likelihood, if she had asked if I wanted to see it, I'd have pretended to not be interested so I could seem more adult to her.

She knew better, of course.

But the catch phrases are cultural now, partly from the influence of the movie and partly from its existence beforehand as a series of SNL sketches. Is this the only successful SNL movie? Oh, right, there was Blues Brothers. Maybe I'll rewatch that next.

One thing I kept wondering through the whole movie was: Was Wayne's World set in the '80s? Several times during the scene where Rob Lowe is trying to sell the show to Brian Doyle Murray, Murray boasts that he has his ads during The Love Boat, which ended in '86. Lara Flynn Boyle's hair is from the '80s, for sure.

The thing about Love Boat is, it was my sister's show. When we were young, we only had the one television set, and at the beginning of every TV season, my mother would have my sister and I sit down, review the network line-ups and we each got to pick three nights that we "owned" for the season. My sister would always pick Tuesdays, because that was Happy Days night. I seem to think I picked Sundays generally because that's where SF shows tended to go to die.

Saturday night was Love Boat and Fantasy Island. My sister consistently claimed Saturdays, but I was OK with that because I had a secret crush on Julie.

I've mentioned before that I was pretty much set on being an engineer early on, so I liked to watch shows with a scientifically educated character. Doc wore glasses, but he wasn't terribly awkward and it seemed like someone I'd like to be.

I was always afraid I was more like Gopher, though.

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