Newark, New Jersey

You should thank me for not going with a response to What did Delaware?

This guy looks like a mean one.

It's safely chained up, anyway.

This is another in the continuing series of wee toaty explorers, a project to keep me busy while I'm on the road. A nice summary is here. The whole set is available if you click on Wee Toaty Explorers.

3 thoughtful messages from friendly readers:

Highway said...

Hi Abbot!
OK, I have tried in vain to come up with the New Jersey State/What did Delaware pun!
Help, please?
How are you :-)

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Hi, Highway!

Is it snowing up there?

It's an elementary school joke:

"What did Delaware?"

"A brand New Jersey!"

Highway said...

Hey Abbot! No snow in town, but up on the pass, I heard there was.

OK. I admit that I wasn't familiar with that children's joke, so I googled it!

I was thrown off track by the apparent gender of the explorer, since "Della" is a female name. Then I totally over analyzed the seething anger, no doubt as a result from being chained up. :-)

I hope you had a successful trip!