4th of July - Cayucos, part 2

It was downright cold on the beach for the fireworks, but I trekked back to the house to find that I could actually see them from my balcony. I don't have any pictures of fireworks, though. Just pictures from earlier in the day.

The town had a parade. It was pretty impressive. It had all the usual things: classic cars, fire trucks, police cars, cheerleaders. There weren't any marching bands, but there were steel drums.

Down here on the coast, there was a lot more of a nautical flavor, with pirates:

and parrots:

and vikings:

It seems to me that surfers and skaters are obligatory in this part of California:

As are old VW Bugs, though this one belongs to a bunch of retired submariners. Did you know that the continental US had actually been attacked by the Japanese in WW2? I don't remember learning that in school, but apparently torpedoes were launched at Morro Bay and a tanker was sunk off of Cambria.

There were businesses, like the Brown Butter Cookie Company:

And avocado orchards:

I have no idea what these snacks were about. There's not a movie theater in town:

Every town needs a precision umbrella drill team:

But what I liked most about the parade was that it seemed like some of the participants were just families who wanted to be in the parade. This rather large group represented Nana's escapees:

They brought their own jail, complete with Elvis. There's a reporter getting folks' real names. When you work for a paper, you have to make sure you provide proper attribution.

There were smaller family groups, too. Like this incredibly cute representative from Oz:

But at the end of the day, the group that impressed my inner 7-year-old the most:

Yep. The gulls are doing what real life gulls are expected to do.

Oh, almost forgot. There was even a group in the parade especially for me:

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Highway said...

Hey Abbot!
I hope this finds you well.

This message is off-topic, but I didn't know another way to contact you...

I noticed the link to your site is no longer listed on "NCVoices", since an update a couple days ago. I'm hoping it was an oversight.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

Wow, it's been almost a month since I wrote a post. Need to fix that.

I imagine the blog isn't on NCVoices any more because I'm not in Nevada County any more. Sure, half my stuff is still sitting in a unit at Old Barn Storage, but that probably doesn't count.

Highway said...

He lives!! :)

Great to hear back from you. I never thought about that... Although the "NC" should have been a clue, I wonder how many other sites aren't from NC? The Auburn Journal comes immediately to mind.

So, about your slacking...