Whale Rock Reservoir

I'm going to call this the Check Mark Ride.

I found something to use the wind for. It's pretty light today, but almost always the wind here blows inland. And so a ride with the wind is a ride up hill. These hills aren't the mountains of Nevada County, but when you start 60 feet above sea level, 505 feet isn't bad.

I rode to the last lookout over Whale Rock Reservoir, which is pretty dang low. Sadly, you can walk down to fish on the lake, but you're supposed to avoid "bodily contact" because this is our drinking water. It'd be awfully nice to kayak, I think, especially so close to home, but no go. I'm sure birds never touch the water and the trout never poop.

I'm going to do this ride again just because on the way down there's a speed gauge and without trying I tripped it at 21 mph.

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