I Didn't Know I Was Lost At The Time

Back in Nevada City, I tried to make a Thanksgiving tradition of driving out to some small town with a name from "Back East." Down here, I never got around to doing anything on Thanksgiving, so I thought I'd try something different for Christmas. I decided to pick a town with a presidential name. I figure there must be a bunch, so this could be a good series. Today, I drove to Taft, California.

Sadly, driving on Christmas leaves you in towns with even less going on than on Thanksgiving. And Taft didn't really jump out at me as picturesque, so I wound up not taking a lot of pictures. There's the cool theater:

And the town is surrounded by oil fields, with many of the major names represented. So I suppose this was inevitable (click on the pictures to get a slide show):

On the way, I had a nice couple of hikes in the Carrizo Plain National Monument. I was excited to learn that there's a mountain in my county that's over 5000 feet high. That might not sound like much to you mountain folk, but if you consider that my house is at 60 feet, then you see the jump you get. I didn't make it down to see Caliente Peak, but I figure it's worth a return. Today, I mostly walked around the lake and the salt flat for Soda Lake:

The San Andreas Fault runs through here. It's not very exciting. Apparently, it's responsible for the bend in this creek bed:

The tumbleweeds are everywhere, and the wind was high today. If you're driving into the wind, it's a little like there are all of these spherical dogs running at you. I found a pack of them all cuddled up in the corner of this gully:

The neatest thing was outside the park just to the north.

Back in the 60s, some developers tried to divide up the land and sell parcels in a to-be-built subdivision under speculation that the California Aqueduct would come through here. It wound up going elsewhere, but there are a bunch of street signs left, even without streets. I assume it was some sort of attempt to say, "Look, we're serious here. Trust us. There'll be a real town some day." Anyway, here's one for the Gin Blossoms:

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