Off the Hook

I know what you're thinking: "Abbot, you don't like seafood."

Or maybe you were thinking, "I hate that noise the phone makes when it's left off the hook!"

If you're thinking the latter, then I expect you are getting up in years. 

If it was the former, then I have to say, "Yes, but I have to give all the restaurants on Embarcadero a try."

It's been a few minutes since I sat down. So I might have to walk out of here without ordering. The hostess was nice, but if I don't get to give a drink order at least, I've got better things to do. 

It's sad, too. I was looking forward to a cucumber roll and French fries, surely a marriage made in heaven. Add a bit of gyoza for a complete meal. Also, look at the view:

Quite a grumpy looking day, huh?

Nope, 11 minutes is a long enough wait, I think, don't you?  Sorry, Off the Hook. I tried. 

[NB: I wrote all of the above while sitting at the table waiting to be, well, interacted with in any way whatsoever. The hostess seated me, but after that nobody asked if I wanted a drink or to order, nobody said they'd be with me in just a moment. In retrospect, 11 minutes seems fairly short, but I guess I was hungry and I didn't fancy waiting around for half an hour to get a meal. Consider: It wasn't terribly busy. There were two tables seated when I arrived and two new tables were seated after I arrived. The two after I arrived were both served drinks and had entree orders taken while I sat alone and unnoticed. So I left and tried a different restaurant.]

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