Otter Rock Cafe

I've been coming to Morro Bay restaurants for a year now. Last December, I stayed in a vacation house and then in January stayed a week at a motel while I waited for my house to settle. You'd think I'd have had a chance to suss out the Morro Bay eateries.  But the truth is: a) I don't like seafood and b) I fall into ruts pretty easily. 

I early on found a restaurant that had friendly staff who remembered me. it had a pretty good view of the rock, so I tended to return to it on my weekly meal on the Embarcadero. 

But the owners have changed and last week my favorite waitress left to start her own restaurant. Now, I'm certainly going to check that out, but it seemed like a good week to try out other places especially since I have the week off. I tend to give up on diet until my birthday. 

I'm looking for a casual place to sit and watch the water and read. The food doesn't have to be great, but the environment and cost are important. 

Otter Rock Cafe has a nice enough view. Some windows actually show the big rock. 

The staff was friendly and efficient. They checked whether I wanted a soda refill twice, which is a big plus. On the other hand the burger I ordered medium rare came out burnt and the bun was dry. 

Verdict: a maybe 

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