The Libertine Pub

Ok, second try. 

They're playing Jack Johnson as I walk in. This might be more my speed anyway. This is a seat-yourself kinda place. I wonder if I have to order at the bar. I'll give it a minute. 

Meanwhile, the view is nearly identical to the Hook place. 

Wait staff interaction at two minutes. Good. 

There aren't as many choices here, but more than enough for a lunch. I consider the chicken quesadilla but go with a grilled cheese sandwich and fries. There are four cheeses coming, my friends. 

More important, a second member of the waitstaff just checked in to see if I need anything. And this place is twice as crowded as the other place. 

Folks, service makes up for a lot when you're just eating lunch. The grilled cheese was good, but the fries were terrible. Will I be back? Almost certainly, and it's because the food was acceptable, but the service was great. In the end, I was helped by three separate staff members. 

Oh, and they have Cayucos Hot Sauce on the tables. 

Sadly, they've stopped playing Jack Johnson. 

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