Speaking of Whale Rock Reservoir

This weekend I took a walk around it. This would be a lovely lake to kayak upon. I walked as far as allowed along the southeastern shore (about 2 1/2 miles) and back and didn't once see another human. That's pretty rare down here.

A shame there isn't kayaking because people are afraid.

It's not like the dozens of birds I saw in the water are all that clean. And you can pay a $2 fee to fish, though you have to do it without touching the water somehow. That implies there are fish in there. Fish never poop, I guess.

[Aside. Well, I just read up and it looks like it's a California thing. You need a special exemption to allow recreational uses of drinking water reservoirs. These reservoirs are exempt from the rule: San Diego County reservoirs, Modesto Reservoir, Nacimiento Reservoir, Sly Park Reservoir and Canyon Lake Reservoir. I thought Jackson Meadows, Scotts Flat and Spaulding were used for drinking water, but this would imply not? Maybe Scotts Flat is for flood control. I know Spaulding is also used for electricity. Or maybe NID is also exempt?]

I do like the view up into the hill. The little white house very much reminds me of Scotland.

Whale Rock Reservoir

I'm going to call this the Check Mark Ride.

I found something to use the wind for. It's pretty light today, but almost always the wind here blows inland. And so a ride with the wind is a ride up hill. These hills aren't the mountains of Nevada County, but when you start 60 feet above sea level, 505 feet isn't bad.

I rode to the last lookout over Whale Rock Reservoir, which is pretty dang low. Sadly, you can walk down to fish on the lake, but you're supposed to avoid "bodily contact" because this is our drinking water. It'd be awfully nice to kayak, I think, especially so close to home, but no go. I'm sure birds never touch the water and the trout never poop.

I'm going to do this ride again just because on the way down there's a speed gauge and without trying I tripped it at 21 mph.


Still the most beautiful lake I've ever kayaked on.

Bike Report

Biking along the coast is really, really nice when there is no wind. Sadly, there are few days without wind. 

Still, it is lovely here. 

SUP, Monk!

Went out for a kayak paddle on Morro Bay this weekend. Got dunked when I wandered into the ocean, but the exciting thing was finding someone dressed as a monk working a standup paddle board.

(You might want to click to make this picture bigger.)

He noticed me. I think I made him mad.