Off the Hook part 2

Yep, I'm giving them a second try. I had a small kayak paddle around the bay today and I'm hungry. Already they're doing better: I've already been asked what I want to drink. 

The waitress confessed that she doesn't like seafood, either, and gave me advice on the sushi. This trip is looking good. 

There's a huge seal playing with some kayakers out the window to my right, but the staff has/have brought down the blinds to cut the bright light. And that's good; otherwise it'd be a million degrees in here. 

The lighting is hard, but it looks like good food. There's plenty of wasabi, which is nice and the avocado roll has an interesting mayo sauce. 

This is tasty food. 

The waitress was pretty good at asking about soda refills (I got a couple big wasabi chunks) and the table cleaner kept taking my plates. 

Overall a good experience and so much better than the first try. Sushi and fries--I'll be back

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