Madonna Inn

When I mentioned where I lived to a colleague in Chicago, he said he still remembered staying at the Madonna Inn in the '70s, even which room. I said it was about 30 minutes from my house, but near the place I get Tubby's food. 

He told me I have to go, if only to see the bathroom. 

So on a food run tonight, I've stopped for dinner. I can't believe this place has been here and I've never bothered to stop by. The Madonna Inn is a large complex and has a steakhouse and a cafe. 

It's the night before Valentine's, so I'm at the Copper Café. It really is a copper café.

I'm sitting at the counter, but I think the booths would've awesome to bring someone for a bit of public privacy. 

The place is filled with stuff to look at, not to mention the fountains outside the building. 

The waitstaff was efficient and offered me plenty of refills in these heavy heavy glasses. 

The steakhouse menu was available even in the café, but I opted for the Monte Cristo.  

I've never had such a selection of jams for a Monte Cristo. The fries were perfectly crispy, too. This is a fun place I look forward to visiting again. 

Oh, the bathroom? The one in the café was ok, but nothing to write home about. It has interesting faucets. 

So I wandered over to the men's room under the steakhouse. The urinal is a waterfall cave: 

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