Dutchman's Seafood Restaurant

Today's new restaurant experience is brought to you by Zoltar. 

Does Zoltar predict a good meal? The future is murky. And so is the cell signal here.  Verizon 2 bars/1x. Not 3G, certainly not LTE. 

There are not many choices for a non-fishhead; especially since I'm stuck with the dinner menu. It looks like the lunch menu has more options.  (And fair enough, the sign doesn't imply anything else.)

So I got the burger. I asked for raw onions. I'm pretty sure the server read back to me, "grilled onions," so I repeated "raw onions." I think she said back to me, "yes, grilled onions.". We will see what happens. 

I should learn to speak Dutch.

The view is the same one all the restaurants along here have, except for those without a view at all. 

Which is why I drive here from Cayucos. I love Schooners Wharf, but I can't really eat there every day. 

Can I?

Ah, the burger came:

The fries are good and crisp. And the onions are raw. I think it's time to check my hearing. 

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