So very much of my little slice of Cayucos is either wooden decking or gravel. 

There isn't much rain here, but when there is, it's often hard and heavy. It'll move the gravel down hill. 

So that migration, combined with my general neglect has left the place looking shabby. Weeds clumped into the back yard and then have died.

A couple weeks ago we were faced with a rare 100% chance of rain a few days ahead of the event.  It was not a big storm and it didn't do anything about our drought, but the plants around here are resilient. Many of them seem to survive just from the occasional fog. 

So that weekend I got out there and raked. After a half hour of raking in the back, it now looks like this:

I did the same to the front, a much bigger patch. After two hours of taking, I got about half the front redistributed and unweeded. Now I need to get some refresher gravel. 

Or build some more decking. 

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