Under the Boardwalk

(well, under a pier at Morro Bay)

Before and After

In spite of the dryness here, that walnut next door just seems to grow like crazy. I've cut it back once since I moved in, mostly because it was trying to puncture the roof of my shed. (Before I put a solid roof on it, it was just plastic. Take a look at the link and see how fast that walnut has been growing around the cactus.)

So, I got out there and cut it back again today. Here's the before shot:

And here's the after shot:

The gloves I wore weren't as thick as I thought. My hands have needles in them. I've never liked cactus. I'm still surprised I didn't notice them and make their removal a condition of the sale.

I don't know how you prune the cacti. I just ripped off some of the pads from the prickly pear. They're unexpectedly heavy.

Off Moonstone Beach

It took me a year and a half, but I finally got up my courage to get the kayak out into the actual ocean.

I launched from the boat ramp in Cambria, which is somewhat protected from the heavy waves and so is easy to jump into the kayak from.

Just off shore are lovely kelp beds.

I did a quick circle of this rock that is just visible from shore.

But my kayak isn't built for the ocean (it's not a sit-on-top) so when the wind and waves picked up, I headed back into shore.

Foggy Bottom

There's a big rock out there somewhere.

Here's hoping the fog isn't around for the fireworks.