My Nevada City readers (if you're still out there) will not be impressed by the elevation gain on this ride -- I start at 60 feet -- but the winds here are tough, folks. And they come from the side so there's no relief in a round trip. 

Still, I'm pretty sure this is my first 20 mile ride since I moved to California six years ago. It's probably equal to a 4 mile ride up in the hills but I'm trying to dig out of a sedentary hole to ride a metric century, so it's a good baby step. 

Spoke Lives

Well I broke another spoke today, just a day after getting another spoke replaced. 

I guess that means I'm back on the bike at least. 

No Hope in Spokes

I decided it was time to clean up my exercise act and get back on the bicycle. I'm going to work up to the Lighthouse Century.

And, of course, I immediately broke a spoke. I'd like to think it's the fates out to get me, but most likely my weight is just too much stress on this ole bicycle.

The sea fog here is terribly hard on the bike. Everything is rusting so quickly.