Biking Progress

Well, I've been doing OK on working up to the century. My plan was to do the metric century (only 65 miles) because I'm so dang slow and there aren't enough hours in the day. Today, I did 45 miles (10 more than last week). If I add 10 miles next week and can do another 10 the following week, then I can do the century. Here's my chart of distances so far this year:

(Green is biking, yellow is walking, red is kayaking. A drop off in the others was to be expected, I guess.)

Sadly, though, I waited too long to sign up for the SLO Lighthouse Ride. I'm on a waiting list, but I'm kicking myself for putting it off. The motivation to get out and ride disappeared when I realized I probably won't get to do the organized ride. I have my fingers crossed, and if I can't do it, maybe I'll find another one.

But at least I got up and did my ride today.

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