I might have deeper thoughts later or I might not.

I'm in Keokuk, Iowa, today.

The hotel receptionist aslked me what brought me here and I answered, "Random chance."  And it really was. I couldn't head home for the weekend from St. Louis, so I just picked a random place to use my hotel points and drove up here to see what is here. 

I cut myself shaving yesterday. I have a big gash on my chin. it's probably not as big as I think it is, but it's still bleeding a day and a half after cutting it. So I didn't shave today. 

So here's the thing. This is my America. I can randomly drive to a town and spend a weekend there. I can look like a mess. I can go to a river side restaurant and nobody cares that I'm wandering around their town looking like a vagrant. 

I don't have to have a reason for anything I do. And even if I did, it's nobody's business. 

That's what I think of when I think of Freedom. This is my America. 

But nobody is afraid of me. I'm an old white guy. I don't want my country to become a place where you have to have a good reason to do something like drive over the state line to another town. Where we are so driven by fear that we lose our ability to wander, to explore, to innovate. 

I want everyone in Anerica to be allowed this freedom. And I sure don't want to give it up myself. 

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