Johnson Ranch Open Space

This was a good walk to whip up an appetite before heading down to Avila. (I saw a baby whale from the San Luis Harbor Pier, but I couldn't get a good picture.)

The path is a mostly through fields of gold. (The green season is pretty much over.) 

But there are a few nice shady spots. 

There was even water in a creek, though I didn't get a picture. And I never did see the pond that was supposed to be in the old quarry. I don't know if that's the drought or my lack of observation skills!


My grandfather used to say that Upstate New York was God's country. 

I don't know about that. I do know that since I've moved out here to San Luis Obispo County, I've found this county has a whole lot of beauty. There's ocean, farmland, mountains, deserts and even a salt lake. 

These are from Rocky's Trail at Santa Margarita Lake. 

Maybe God moved out to California, too. 

Dry Days

I know that they got some rain up north. We hear that Shasta is doing well. But, folks, California is still in a drought. 

This is a sign at Lake Santa Margarita that is impossible to disobey:

The guy at the camp store told me the lake is at 13%.  All I can say is that the boat ramps don't even make it to the water. 

I think that's a 15 foot drop. 

Between the Sisters

I went for a hike today along Morro Bay's Quarry  Trail. After a sharp left at the gate to what I assume used to be a quarry, a quick little climb took me to an overlook above Chorro Creek. 

In one direction, the inland hills are lovely. 

and in the other clouds hovered over the estuary:

A lovely little two mile hike. A shame I walked away with a tick. 

Antique, Junk or Junque

It was a smorgasbord of antiques this weekend with the Paso Robles Fairground and Cayucos' Ocean Abenue hosting gobs of vendors. 

Here's a sampling:

I'm not sure if this is a game or Art, but it'll cost you $60 (or a reasonable offer). 

Continuing the theme of dealing with the dead, this dresser is sure to freak your daughter out. The "goodbye" is particularly distressing to me, not sure why. 

This guy was making brooms and doing a brisk business. 

I like the look but I don't want furniture that gives me bad dreams about tetanus. 

Which also rules out random pieces of school bus. I think those days are not high on my list for needing enshrinement. 

But if I could have flown in this as a kid I would have.