Fog no Fog

The fog pic from the other day:

The view a few days later:

Foggy Bottom

One thing I wasn't really prepared for when I moved to the beach is the fog. It really does come up the street on little cats' feet. 

And then it takes over. Here's a view from the hill overlooking Cayucos. I promise there's a town of 2500 or so people down there. 

There are times when the fog stays over at Morro Bay and Cayucos is sunny. And there are times when it's the other way round. But the fog doesn't get very far inland. Here is today's view of Whale Rock Reservoir above Cayucos. Often you can see the ocean beyond the dam. Today the dam was fighting to hold back the fog. 

I drove up to Paso Robles and back today. When I filled my tank at a gas station in Paso, my car was reporting 89F. Forty minutes later it was 59F in Cayucos. 

As a biker the only positive thing I can say about the fog is that it's an indicator that we are getting a very rare respite from the winds. 

And it makes the streetlights look spooky.