This Year's Painting

Well, I've started this year's painting a little later than in the past. And so I've had to deal with the early darkness! I paint out in a little shed behind my house. It has a light from which I can run an extension cord to the house. So this is my evening tonight:

I actually started last week. This time I'm roughing out everything in shades first. Then I'll add color.

Sadly, I used too much slow-drying medium. It was so slow-drying that I had some of the paint run during the week:

So tonight was about cleaning that up and starting on the background (you can see the glass I had for a Godfather to help me tonight):

So far so good. Let's see how long it takes to finish this one. Wish me luck in my little shed.


I looked up this recipe because I read a character eating it in a book. It came across as a good comfort food.

I made this with Pennsylvania Dutch egg noodles because the local grocery doesn't carry the appropriate square cut noodles. I used purple cabbage for the visual effect, and it turned out fine. The sausage is cut from Louisiana hot links, so this is likely a spicier version of the meal!

Though it's an Austrian recipe, the cabbage and sausage spoke to my Polish soul. This was good stuff.

I just wish I could remember which book had this meal mentioned.

First Rain

It doesn't rain here often, but when it does, it's generally between October and February. It's been so very dry, and the fires have been bad this year.

So it was exciting to wake up to the sound of rain this morning. It wasn't heavy, but it did a good soaking. And even later tonight it's still coming down.

I just feel bad for the for the figures outside for Cambria's Scarecrow Festival. Some have been given a little bit of protection.

Goodnight Moon

Reservoir Canyon

In what has become a recurring theme, I'm trying to make myself get off my butt more often. Except for the last two weeks, I've been hitting 15 miles of hiking/walking a week since the fourth of July. But you'll notice I mentioned two weeks there. Work has been horrendous; now it's time to get back on track.

This is truly the hike of arches. For the most part, the hikes around here are treeless, but this hike had a nice mix of trees and bushes and open land. There were a lot of plants that seemed to decide to grow around the people who hike through. This tree looks like a frozen picture of how I walk:

There was water on this one. Something I don't get to see a lot of (unless it's salty). And this bridge was a little wobbly:

There was also a good hike upward. And the view was fantastic.

There was a bit of "art" along the way. A few stacks of rocks that echoed Goldsworthy. And I'm not sure if these used to be something or are truly art made from found metal or what.

The path continued up for a bit after I turned around, so I'll have to go back again.