A Walk in the Rain (Rocky Canyon)

Rain is so infrequent here, that it's a special event. Sometimes I like to lie in bed and listen to the drops on the roof, sometimes I claim a seat at the window of a restaurant looking onto Morro Bay to watch the otters play, and sometimes I sit on the porch and breathe in the moist air.

Today I decided to walk in it.

The Rocky Canyon trail is near Atascadero. It might be the best hike I've had so far in this area. It had everything except the beach. It had woods:

and fields

and hills

and cows

And in the middle of all this, there was even an operating quarry. The path winds through the operation, where you can see the machinery of rock harvesting

and piles of gravel.

Presumably, the chosen route is safe.

(Or possibly not!) I look forward to coming back on a sunny day. That was about 5 miles in the rain, where I learned that water resistant is no the same as waterproof. My jeans were still wet three hours later. Luckily, I had a sweatshirt in the car so I could dump my drenched tshirt and overshirt.

California Poppy #1

So I started a painting 28 days ago. Generally speaking, it takes me a few months to finish a painting.

And if I'm honest with myself, I think it's because I overwork them. So this time, I'm stopping as soon as I can.

Today, in fact.

The lighting isn't all that great because the lighting in my little shed is just one bare bulb. I think the painting's lighting, at least as far as the background is concerned, is better than the picture shows. I'll see tomorrow after the sun comes up.

As I stare at the picture, I'm seeing soooo many flaws, but I'm going to ignore them as best I can.