Carrizo Plain

I drove out to Carrizo Plain today.

This is Soda Lake. Last time I was here, in December two years ago  the lake was drier and surrounded by white deposits left behind by evaporation. 
We here in San Luis Obispo County are still in drought, but the rain has been better of late. It is a wonder to see the land get green. 
I think I had it in my head that seeing the pictographs -- ancient paintings on rock -- would serve as a metaphor this weekend. That in spite of everything bad that can happen -- changing climate, displacement and conquest, bad presidents -- some things survive, creativity endures. 

You're not allowed to take pictures of the pictographs, to show respect. And they seem to be fading, to be honest. So instead I took pictures of graffiti. 
And old farm equipment. 
And I decided it's silly to look for metaphors. 
It's more important to keep creating, to keep making, to keep supporting each other. 


Addendum: I did find a metaphor of sorts: 


I don't think barbed wire is going to hold them in. 

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