Kitchen Evolution

Since I moved in, the thing I've really wanted to do is get rid of this:

It's metal so it is hard to work with. It's metal so it's rusting. And it's metal so I can't have a dishwasher. Without a dishwasher, what counter space was there was taken up by the drying rack. And on the other side, everything I chopped would roll into the sink, which was annoying if I had suds in the sink.

So, I contracted with a company back in January and they came in in early April to do this:

Then they did this:

And it was awesome, but then I had to wait for the counter people to get their act together (and for my travel schedule to calm down). Finally, last week, it turned into this:

And I could cook my first meal in months:

The silver rectangle under the counter is a dishwasher and I love it. It's a drawer that pulls out and it does about half a load. Half a load is perfect for a guy living on his own in a shack by the ocean.

And today I installed this for the blind cabinet next to the stove:

I haven't put anything on it because I'm still waiting for the backsplash to be installed, but the metal racks are for using the space that's hard to get to under the counter beside the stove.

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